We have a strong commitment to excellence and a history of success.

We are a diversified property and investment group with an unmatched reputation for delivering quality residential, commercial and mixed-use products across Australia.

Our passion is backed by more than 30 years industry experience and we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions across all sectors. Our track record of successful projects is testament to this commitment.

We're a boutique firm with a big business mindset and a current work portfolio exceeding $100 million. We look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional projects and valuable returns in partnership with our investors and clients.

Our people

We are led by Tim Gordon, who has over 30 years experience in the property industry.

Property has always been in our blood.

Our team have an unmatched reputation for delivering quality projects across a diverse range of asset classes including residential, commercial/office, retail and mixed use. 

Company Director Tim Gordon is not new to property. He comes from a family of developers and has more than 30 years experience in the property industry. 

Projects Director Shane Hart was born into property. Having run his fathers commercial and industrial real estate business he then moved in to property development and established a diverse portfolio of commercial, industrial and residential projects. 

Gordon Corp is taking a slightly different approach - which is to remain boutique.

To achieve this Gordon Corp will outsource development and construction services. This allows the Gordon Corp team to focus on core skills in identifying opportunities, master planning, managing approvals and overseeing the delivery to achieve agreed outcomes. 

Although we’ll retain a boutique approach we have the capacity to do big deals and manage large-scale projects. Strong and enduring partnerships are core to Gordon Corp’s ability to identify the right opportunities, secure suitable investors, appoint the appropriate delivery team and source quality tenants and buyers.

Our points of difference

Hands on leadership.

Tim is involved in all aspects of the business ensuring clients and investor’s benefit from his experience and knowledge. His approach is founded on trust and his track record reflects his ability to deliver.

Strong relationships.

The group has established relationships with investors and clients with a reputation for delivering both quality developments and a return.

We’re nimble.

Our flexible structure allows us to draw on expertise, which suits the individual needs of each project. It also means we can respond quickly to changes in the market to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

We think big.

We may be small in size but we have the capacity and capability to execute significant deals and deliver large-scale projects.

Our Values


We know what it takes to deliver


We are determined to succeed


We are people of our word


We treat our partnerships with respect and care


What you see is what you get